Investment Philosophy and Process

Investment Origination / Sourcing

As the largest independent allocator (Fund of Funds) in South Africa, Ke Nako is first in line when GPs (existing and new funds) are seeking to raise capital. Our competitive advantage is predominately enshrined with our unrivalled network, our ability to be commercial and at the same time act fast when partnering with GP’s on key co-investments or strategic partnering

Investment Monitoring

It is important to proactively monitor a fund once a commitment has been made

We maintain relationships with ‘declined’ teams to keep informed should they approach us again at a later stage for incubation

The team intends to actively monitor the incubated funds and have representation on the Advisory Boards and in some cases the Investment Committee (Observer status)

Active monitoring will include:

  • Portfolio company site visits
  • Quarterly in person meetings (Monthly in early stages)
  • Monthly conference calls
  • Investment Committee (Observer status)