About Us

At Ke Nako we believe independent deployment of private equity capital will be the catalyst for inclusive growth to build a better and stronger South Africa. Our vision is to build leading world class businesses using South African skills and resources. We are looking to partner with institutions and businesses to build a brighter vision.

Our Journey

After building up 12 years of specialist investment experience in our niche sector, establishing a strong track record over four separate funds, and investing through the global financial crisis of 2008, we are ready to begin the next chapter in our incredible journey.

Responsible Investing

We are a proudly South African organisation that’s passionate about making a lasting positive impact on our society.

We believe that sound environmental, social and governance (ESG) management practices can foster successful financial performance and build business resilience over the long-term.

We promote clear and consistent ESG management practices across our portfolio, to create value for our investors and uphold the integrity of the capital deployed.

Risk Management

To manage our portfolio risk efficiently and strategically, we have created our own proprietary risk management system. This system is powered by market-leading technology on-boarding private equity data we obtained through our extensive network of various participants within South Africa’s private equity sector.